Featherweight was born as a Fat Bike brand and let's face it: Fat bikes have been around for years and for the most part they really haven't changed that much.  Okay, so they've gone from 4" to 5" wide tires, they've evolved from 26" to 27.5" and back.  They've even dropped in weight from the high 30s to the high 20 pound range.  And maybe they're a little better looking. Sure, they're a lot of fun but they weigh too much to be considered a serious bicycle.

We designed and manufactured a strong, lightweight, and high performance fat bike that has changed the game. in 2021, we took this technology to develop Road, Gravel, and Triathlon frames.

Introducing the Featherweight fat bike -- the world's lightest* production fat bike weighing an amazing 17.5 lbs.

Not only is it ultra-light, but it is amazingly responsive.  Instead of the standard T700 carbon used in today's higher-end bike frames, we use T800 carbon in critical high-stress areas like the fork, the head tube, and the bottom bracket, making our frames stiffer and stronger than many of the best fat bikes in production today.

And we spec all of our bikes with industry leading SRAM Eagle drivetrains, and HED wheels unless otherwise specified.  But the Featherweight riding experience is more than simply the sum of its parts.  It's magic.  It's fat bike perfection.

*Weight certified medium frame, single speed model.  Models and sizes vary in weight.

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Our process: Select your frame size, wheel preference, and drivetrain. This establishes your base build level. From there, we will be in contact by phone and email to establish the rest of your details with grip color, logo colors, and other personal touches. You'll receive progress pictures along the way so you can keep track of your build progress. Your bike will be shipped mostly assembled. You'll need to put the front tire on, replace the handle bar in the stem, and drop in the seat post.

JANUARY 2022 BUILD TIME: We are on a 14-21 day time frame to build and ship due to high demand. We have all needed components in stock.

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