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HED BIG DEAL Carbon Fat Bike Wheels

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The Big Aluminum Deal

How bad are you going to want to get into fat biking? With these wheels, real BAD. HED’s Big Aluminum Deal (BAD) & Big Half Aluminum Deal (BHAD) are designed to be the lightest, fastest aluminum fat bike models on the market, designed uniquely to meet the demands of riding and racing through snowy and sandy conditions.

Upgrade your fat bike set up today with a pair of Big Aluminum Deal or Big Half Aluminum deal wheels from HED Cycling Products.


  • Built in the U.S.A.
  • 80mm Internal Rim Width
  • Tubeless Compatible, No Rim Tape Required
  • Centerlock Disc Brake


  • Immediately

Fat Bike Wheels That are as B.A.D. as it Gets.

Make no mistake, HED’s aluminum variations of Big Deal fat bike wheels are as race-worthy as it gets. Inspired by the technology of HED’s Big Deal fat bike wheels, HED experts have crafted a set of fat bike wheels made for everyone.

At 80mm wide, Big Aluminum Deal and Big Half Aluminum Deal wheels offer superb fit with all common fat bike tire sizes. They have the same patented Inflatobam tubeless technology as their carbon counterparts, which means you don’t even need rim tape to set these wheels up tubeless? That means you can save up to a pound of weight per wheel compared to other aluminum fat bike wheels on the market, just in tubes and rim tape!

While BAD and BHAD rims are designed to suit a wide range of conditions, they are designed specifically to suit conditions involving snow, sand, gravel and dirt. To maintain maximum weight savings, these rims are not designed for high impact with larger objects, like boulders and trees, which may cause denting. Denting due to this type of riding is not covered under the HED 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Available in both 26″ and 27.5″ wheel diameter options, no other aluminum fat bike wheels offer the same combination of easy tubeless setup, speed, and jaw-dropping weight savings. Snow, sand and gravel, fast-rolling aluminum fat bike wheels are ready for your next adventure with HED’s Big Aluminum Deal (BAD) and Big Half Aluminum Deal (BHAD) wheels.